Published: Sept. 29, 2023 By

Colorado Sun logoWe at MEDLab are proud to have had the opportunity to produce the 2023 Public Benefit Report for the Colorado Sun, a pioneering, journalist-owned news organization that is strengthening the information ecosystem statewide. This report helps fulfill the Sun's obligation as a Colorado public benefit corporation, an incorporation structure that enables companies to dedicate themselves to a public mission, not just private benefit.

The Sun has made many adjustments and additions to its newsroom in 2023, from designating an Arts & Culture section to releasing a mobile app, not to mention the recent announcement to change its legal structure to a nonprofit. Despite no longer holding a PBC status, the Sun still plans to serve Coloradans’ information needs first and foremost. Read the report to learn more about how the Sun continues to pursue its public benefit mission under a new governance structure.

Download the report