"Network of friends" by kkgas, via Stocksy, a cooperative stock platform

July 5, 2023
9-10:30 a.m. Mountain Time
Free webinar


Nonprofits perform essential work in our contemporary world, whether fighting for human rights or defending the ecosystems we rely on. Now, with the rise of open social media platforms like Mastodon and Bluesky, nonprofits have new opportunities to develop close conversations with the communities they seek to support. Many of these open social media platforms are also better aligned with nonprofits' values than major tech companies have been.

What are the best ways for non-profits to get involved? How do nonprofits navigate this emerging space in an already dense social media landscape? In this webinar, we will hear from nonprofit leaders and technologies on how the emerging social networks related to their organizations' goals.


Facilitated by Nathan Schneider, Skylar Hew, and Reily McGee.

The Open Social Media event series is organized by the Media Economies Design Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, made possible by a generous gift from Colorado ReWild. The illustration above, "Network of Friends" by kkgas, is licensed through Stocksy, a cooperative stock platform.