Published: March 7, 2023
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From the event page:

​Thursday, March 16, 9–10:30 AM Pacific, via Zoom

​While Twitter is in crisis, another generation of social media is emerging. But before we decide to stay or go or divide our attention across more platforms, we first need to figure out what we expect – or demand – from any platform we use. So, we're doing "A People's History of Twitter" to discuss loss and lessons.

​We're inviting people who depended on Twitter to share their experiences and insights. We welcome everyone with perspectives from journalism, advocacy, private content creation, and all kinds of ways of using Twitter. We're a group of (ex-)Twitter workers, users, and allies who came together around a belief that platforms like Twitter can serve the public interest. Our partners include MEDLab, IFTF, RadicalxChange, and more.

​Together with you in this interactive event, we'll reflect on what we lost and draw lessons for a better future of creating content and sharing news and media. 

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