Drawing of people in a field with coins over their heads, via Cambiatus.comThursday, April 29, 2021
10-11 a.m. Mountain Time
Free webinar

Watch Notes

As blockchain and cryptocurrency takes another step toward mainstream adoption—think Bitcoin, NFTs, and Coinbase—communities are questioning conventional economic models, and exploring how this technology can enable new alternatives.

This webinar will feature blockchain platforms designing solutions that empower communities to define value and exchange on their own terms. The speakers will discuss why and how blockchain technology can be an effective tool for storing and transferring community value, and how it can be used to disrupt and rebuild more functional, human economies, whether for local place-based cities or across remote digital communities. The discussion will also include a practical deep-dive, and help tactically explain how other communities can learn and develop their own projects. 

Sponsored by the Media Enterprise Design Lab at CU Boulder and Zebras Unite.

Image via Cambiatus.com.