January 24, 2020
10-11:00 a.m. Mountain Time

Exit to Community - Legal Options, script by Sita Magnuson of Dpict.

A growing network of entrepreneurs, activists, and investors are exploring the possibility of “exit to community”—enabling startups to transition toward ownership by their core stakeholders. There are a variety of possible pathways toward this goal, as well as a variety of challenges that stand in the way. Both the pathways and challenges depend on the underlying law.

In this webinar, three pioneering legal experts will share the strategies they have been developing for enabling various forms of exit to community. We will leave most of the time for a facilitated discussion based on questions from webinar participants. Expect to come away with actionable tools for engineering your own E2C.

Outcomes: webinar recording, graphic recording


  • Camille Kerr (Upside Down Consulting)
  • Morshed Mannan (Leiden Law School)
  • Jason Wiener (jason wiener | p.c.)


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