Course Topics

R is a free computing and graphical software/environment for statistical analysis.

Part 2 of this short course consists of 2 sections:

  • Section 3 introduces statistical analysis in R, including t-tests, ANOVA, linear regression, nonparametric tests, and logistic regression.
  • Section 4 contains advanced R programming concepts such as functions, data simulation, the statistical bootstrap, and scraping data from the web using FTP.

Note: experience using R or attending Part I of this series is suggested but not required for Part II.

R can be downloaded here:
RStudio can be downloaded here:

Before you show up:

This session of  "Statistical Analysis in R, Part II" builds off of skills learned in "Statistical Analysis in R, Part I."  If you did not attend the first session, we strongly encourage you to complete this pre-course assignment to familiarize yourself with basic operations in R.


LISA Short Course: Statistical Analysis in R, Part II from LISA on Vimeo.