Course Topics

The Intro to SAS University short course provides an introduction to SAS statistical software and is intended for people that have little or no experience with programming languages. SAS University is free statistical programming software (compatible with Mac and Windows) offered by SAS for Virginia Tech personnel. The course will provide an introduction to the SAS University environment including a look into the user interface, output delivery system, and permanent libraries. The course will spend approximately 40% of the time on data management (DATA step) and 60% of the time on basic procedures used in SAS (PROC statements). The DATA step will focus on importing and merging data sets. The PROC statements covered will range from summarizing the data to basic analyses such as simple linear regression. The main data sets that will be used are 1986 Baseball Data and Airline Employee Test Data. This short course will be conducted in a computer lab and attendees will program the SAS code along with the instructor.

SAS University Edition is available here.

LISA Short Course: Intro to SAS University Edition, Part I from LISA on Vimeo.

LISA Short Course: Intro to SAS University Edition, Part II from LISA on Vimeo.