Course Topics

In this short course, learn how to design a survey to strengthen your research by applying statistical thinking to designing your survey and learning the five steps necessary for collecting data that will answer your research questions. We will cover how to select your sample (including sample size calculations), how to design a questionnaire to minimize errors and biases inherent in surveys, how to pilot test and re-test your survey, and how to implement your survey. You will have opportunities to apply what you’ve learned to your own problems and, at the end, to ask LISA statistical collaborators any questions you might still have about designing surveys.

LISA Short Course: Designing Surveys Section 1: Introductions from LISA on Vimeo.

This course is broken up into 6 parts on Vimeo.
Section 1 is Introductions (
Section 2 is Survey Fundamentals (
Section 3 is Questionnaire Design (is broken down into Part 1 and 2)( and
Section 4 is Survey Implementation (
Section 5 is Preparing for Data Analysis (
Section 6 is Questions and Answers and is not available on Vimeo