Creating Reproducible Research

The goal of this short course is to introduce and begin to combat the current research crisis.  We will begin by discussing what it means to have non-reproducible and/or unreliable research, and how statistical misinterpretations contribute to this issue.  As an initial remedy to this crisis, we will support the use of the Open Science Framework and will offer guidance on setting up a research project.  Next, we will highlight some of the most common pitfalls that detract from reliable results; we will clarify the interpretation of summary statistics and p-values, and how they contribute to research findings. We will conclude the course with an examination of hypothesis testing, specifically regarding the circumstances where they fail to be acceptable.  

Presenters: Camryn Schultz and Joshua North

Location: Muenzinger E131
Time: Tuesday, March 21, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

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