Our research investigates the cognitive and neural mechanisms that allow humans to understand language. Communicating with human language is a signature capacity of our species and debilitating when disordered during development or following brain damage. Although neurologically normal humans understand the words and sentences of their native language with an automatic ease, this ease belies complex processes that allow understanding to occur. We use neuroimaging and behavioral experimental techniques to study these processes, with the aims of advancing basic science and guiding treatments for disordered language and reading.  


How to participate

If you are are a Psych 1001 student attempting to participate for course credit, please find our experiments on the CU Psych 1001 Subjects Pool site.

If you would like to participate in one our paid studies, look for our studies on the CU Paid subjects website. The current study run in the Kim Lab is Expt 991, and we ARE currently looking for more participants.


Participants: please read this IMPORTANT PAGE with instructions prior to coming into the lab for a study.