Our Primary Goal

The iTOYS Lab aims to find better strategies to help children who struggle with communication development learn language more effectively and efficiently.

Our Current Study

We are currently enrolling toddlers aged 15-30 months without an identified disability that are struggling with vocabulary development. Our treatment study consists of multiple sessions over a span of several weeks (approximately 11 weeks) that involve an SLP or trained SLP graduate student working with your child to help them learn new words.

Some Past Research

Along with other researchers, Dr. Meyers-Denman's published research findings include:

  • Toddlers with delayed vocabulary development with no known cause ("late-talkers") can learn words at a rate comprable to peers without language delays when provided targeted therapy based on the best available research
  • Preschool age children with developmental language disorder who struggle to develop spoken grammar skills by 4-5 years old can learn those skills more efficiently when provided with a type of therapy called Enhanced Conversational Recast
  • Another study showed that Enhanced Conversational Recast can work just as well when it is provided in one "dose" during a single intervention session or when spread across a day in smaller "doses".