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Affiiate Researcher • Graduate Student (graduated with a PhD in Fall '20)
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Currently a Senior Scientist at Lockheed Martin. After obtaining her PhD in December 2020, Lynn remains connected with our group and department as an affiliate researcher. 


PhD Research:

My research entails studying how meltwater influences surface mass balance components of ice sheets in both the Arctic and Antarctic.  Recently, I was funded through NSF to assist in compiling the SUMup dataset which now contains more than 2,000,000 in situ measurements of density, accumulation, and snow depth on sea ice.  I recieved a NESSF fellowship in 2017 and have begun to explore the uncertainty of dynamic change and densification in understanding surface height change to eventually find a relationship between dh/dt, meltwater, and firn aquifers.  From 2015 until currently, I have been working on understanding the southeastern firn aquifer near Helheim Glacier where I have gotten to do field expeditions twice, you can check out some cool pictures and blog posts here!  

I'll be headed to the field to look at possible firn aqufiers in Antarctica from November 12-December 22th!  Keep up with our blog for updates.  


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