Starting September 2022, our team PI Jan Lenaerts will transition a new role in the private sector, and leave CU Boulder. We will no longer recruit any new students or researchers, but our team continues to work on very exciting science! Please check out the current work and products on this website.



We are the Ice Sheets and Climate research group, led by Jan Lenaerts. We are part of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (ATOC).

We study physical processes on the surfaces of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, including large-scale climate drivers of both snowfall and surface melt, and how ice sheet mass loss can lead to sea level rise. We work with observational data and models at multiple scales. More on recent research and group activities can be found on the Research page.

We value proactively building  an inclusive environment. We believe in teaching and learning from one another at all career stages. We believe that diversity in a research group brings richness to the scientific pursuit; our diversity statement and commitment to our community can be found here: About our group. More information about the individuals in our group can be found here: People.

Our work is highly interdisciplinary and can make use of a wide array of skillsets. We welcome people from a variety of educational as well as industry backgrounds, including engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science, the humanities and social sciences as well as earth science. If you are interested in pursuing research within our group, please contact us here.