ATOC 5050-3. Atmospheric Thermodynamics & Dynamics (Fall 2017)

Covers atmospheric motion and its underlying mathematical and physical principles. Explores the dynamics of the atmosphere and the mathematical laws governing atmospheric motion. Topics include atmospheric composition and thermodynamics, conservation laws, geostrophic balance, vorticity dynamics, boundary layers, and baroclinic instability. Department enforced prereq., one year of college chemistry and calculus-based physics and math up through differential equations. ATOC graduate core course.  Typically offered in fall.

ATOC 1060-3. Our Changing Environment (Spring 2018)

Discusses the Earth’s climate for nonscience majors, focusing on the role of the atmosphere, oceans, and land surface. Describes the water cycle, atmospheric circulations, and ocean currents, and how they influence global climate, El Nino, and the ozone hole. Discusses human impacts from climate change. Department enforced prereq., ATOC 1050. Credit not granted for this course and GEOL 1060. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: natural science.  Typically offered in fall, spring, and summer.

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