Project Members

  • Hannigan (PhD, UCB)
  • Ricardo Piedrahita (graduate student, UCB)
  • Nicholas Masson (MS, UCB)
  • Joanna Gordon (graduate student, UCB)
  • Ashley Collier (graduate student, UCB)

Detailed Summary

Project Dates: 2014 - 2015

Our lab participated in a challenge issued by EDF to develop a ‘smoke-alarm’ type methane monitor that could be placed on a well-pad to catch major leaks. Catching major leaks would benefit both the company operating the well pad and our climate as methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. As part of this effort, we also developed alarm algorithms to pair with our monitors and used sensors arrays to improve speciation for methane.

Other Partners

  • John Ortega (PhD, NCAR)
  • Net-Centric Design Professionals (Boulder, CO)

Project Funding

  • Environmental Defense Fund