Lab Members

Evan Coffey

Evan Coffey

Evan Coffey joined the Mechanical Engineering research faculty in 2013 after pursuing a background in Environmental Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is a member of the Hannigan Air Quality and Technology Research Laboratory, where over the past 6 years, he has been involved in a variety of air quality focused research collaborations in Colorado, California, the Navajo Nation, Ghana, and Rwanda. His current research interests focus on...
Marissa smiles with a city scape behind her

Marissa Dauner

Marissa is a second year Mechanical Engineering M.S. student. Her research focuses on air quality and volatile organic compound emissions from biomass burning. She graduated from Marquette University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in the fall of 2022. Her previous research experiences are in shock physics and the use of ethanol and other low carbon fuels in heavy duty engines. Outside of CU she likes running, biking, and hiking.
a headshot of Sascha wrapped in a plaid green shawl

Sascha Fowler

Sascha is a fourth year undergraduate student in Integrated Design Engineering with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering, graduating in 2025. She is currently working on the LAS VOCES project under the DLA (Discovery Learners Apprenticeship) Program where she is analyzing low-cost sensor data. She is the current President of the CU Boulder Engineers Without Borders Chapter and enjoys volunteering, hiking, reading, and music.
Caroline smiles in front of two pods stacked on a tripod

Caroline Frischmon

Caroline moved from Minnesota to pursue a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at CU. Her research focuses on discerning sources of pollution in vulnerable communities using low-cost sensors. She loves that her work combines many of her interests: environmental justice, community engagement, and lots and lots of data. Caroline enjoys writing about science for the general public and presents workshops for other budding science communicators. She is also an avid mountain...
Annamarie Guth

Annamarie Guth

Annamarie is a third year undergrad in the Environmental Engineering department, graduating in 2022. This summer she is working on low-cost sensor data from Ghana. She is also extremely involved with the Rwanda team of Engineers Without Borders.

Mike Hannigan

Lab Director
Mike is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at CU and is currently the chair of that department. Mike is also faculty in the CU Environmental Engineering program. He earned his PhD in Environmental Engineering Science at Caltech in 1997 and then did stints at MIT Environmental Health Sciences, CSU Atmospheric Sciences, and DU Chemistry before finally landing at CU. Mike has been teaching engineering core classes like Statics and Measurements...
MiKyla stands smiling on a porch wearing a backpack

MiKyla Harjamaki

MiKyla Harjamaki is a Mechanical Engineering PhD student. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Her research focuses on the source apportionment of VOCs using low-cost sensors.
Jon smiles on top of a mountain in Colorado

Jon Silberstein

Jon Silberstein is a second-year mechanical engineering Ph.D. student. From Virginia, he graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2020 with a BS in physics, with extensive work in circuitry, sensors, and geochemistry. In his free time he likes to run, hike, and ski.
Percy smiling in a sweatshirt with glasses on

Percy Smith

Percy is a second-year undergrad in Mechanical Engineering, graduating in 2024. Percy is interested in sustainability and is pursuing a minor in Energy Engineering and a certificate in Ethics of Renewable Energy. He currently is a member of the Herbst Fellows Program and does community service as a beekeeper’s apprentice. He is a Colorado native and loves to ski and explore national parks.
Izzy stands in front of mountains with hiking poles

Elizabeth Wallace

Elizabeth Wallace is a 4 th year undergraduate student in Environmental Engineering and is pursuing a concurrent Masters in Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on air quality. Her current research interests focus on the impacts of energy use and its contribution to community air pollution exposure. Elizabeth recently completed a DLA (Discovery Learning Apprenticeship) designing and piloting a project-based curriculum that leverages the newly developed soil quality monitor “s-pod”, with...