Project Members

  • Michael Hannigan (PhD, UCB)
  • Ashley Collier (graduate student, UCB)
  • Evan Coffey (Staff, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Kira Sadighi (graduate student, UCB)

Detailed Summary

Project Dates: Spring 2016 - Present

We are supporting the use of our monitors and working to improve both methane and total non-methane hydrocarbon quantification in two communities in California. One community has a high population density and a fairly large amount of oil and gas activity in close proximity to homes and businesses. This community would like a better understanding of potential emissions from these operations, including their frequency and magnitude. In the second community, there is also interest in better understanding potential emissions from nearby oil and gas activity as well as using real-time data to inform bucket sampling. Bucket sampling will aid the community in understanding precisely which VOCs are present in these emissions.

Other Partners

  • Jill Johnston (PhD, University of Southern California)
  • Sue Chiang (Centers for Environmental Health)'

Project Funding

  • NSF-SRN AirWaterGas Project