Environment, Judgment, Decision, and Identity Research Lab

A semianr with gradaute and undergraduate students for hands on discussion of ongoing research in the EDJI lab. 

Environmental Psychology

An undergraduate seminar that considers the interrelation between the natural environment and human psychology. Emphasis is on understanding environmental attitudes and behavior, as well as psychological barriers to solving environmental problems.
Psychology 4606 Environmental Psychology Syllabus

 Judgment and Decision Making

A doctoral seminar that provides a brief overview to theory and research in judgment and decision making, with applications and relevance to social psychology.
Psychology 5606 Judgment and Decision Making Syllabus

 Judgment and Decision Making

An advanced undergraduate laboratory course in judgment, decision making, and behavioral economics.
PSYC 4136 Judgment and Decision Making Syllabus

Psychology and Public Policy

An undergraduate seminar that examines major theories of social psychology and their relevance to important public policies regarding economic behavior, educational outcomes, public health, and environmental challenges.  
PSYC 4606 Psychology and Public Policy Syllabus

Social Psychology Applications

A doctoral seminar that discusses classic and contemporary research on basic social psychological theory in the context of contemporary social issues.
PSYC 7536 Social Psychology Applications Syllabus