Cover of the book "Active Materials"

Interview with Nikolaus Correll: Robotic Materials

Dec. 20, 2021

NC: I see myself as a proponent of computation in the field of smart materials. But the word ‘smart’ is overloaded; there is also a lot of discussion about active materials. I created the term ‘robotic materials’ because I come from robotics and my research is on materials for robots...

Self-sensing HASELs using capacitive sensing demonstrator

Miniaturized circuitry for capacitive self-sensing and closed-loop control of soft electrostatic transducers

Dec. 1, 2021

Soft robotics is a field of robotic system design characterized by materials and structures that exhibit large-scale deformation, high compliance, and rich multifunctionality. The incorporation of soft and deformable structures endows soft robotic systems with the compliance and resiliency that makes them well-adapted for unstructured and dynamic environments. While actuation...

The nn4mc pipeline: from trained model to embedded source code

Embedded Neural Networks for Robot Autonomy

Nov. 1, 2019

We present a library to automatically embed signal processing and neural network predictions into the material robots are made of. Deep and shallow neural network models are first trained offline using state-of-the-art machine learning tools and then transferred onto general purpose microcontrollers that are co-located with a robot's sensors and...