Published: Oct. 19, 2021
SmartHand on a UR5 robot solving the Siemens assembly challenge

Disclosed are various embodiments of a three-dimensional perception and object manipulation robot gripper configured for connection to and operation in conjunction with a robot arm. In some embodiments, the gripper comprises a palm, a plurality of motors or actuators operably connected to the palm, a mechanical manipulation system operably connected to the palm, a plurality of fingers operably connected to the motors or actuators and configured to manipulate one or more objects located within a workspace or target volume that can be accessed by the fingers. A depth camera system is also operably connected to the palm. One or more computing devices are operably connected to the depth camera and are configured and programmed to process images provided by the depth camera system to determine the location and orientation of the one or more objects within a workspace, and in accordance therewith, provide as outputs therefrom control signals or instructions configured to be employed by the motors or actuators to control movement and operation of the plurality of fingers so as to permit the fingers to manipulate the one or more objects located within the workspace or target volume. The gripper can also be configured to vary controllably at least one of a force, a torque, a stiffness, and a compliance applied by one or more of the plurality of fingers to the one or more objects.


Correll, N.J., Miller, A.K. and Romero, B., Robotics Materials Inc, 2021. Systems, devices, components, and methods for a compact robotic gripper with palm-mounted sensing, grasping, and computing devices and components. U.S. Patent 11,148,295. [PDF]