March 2020 Ski Trip

March 2020 Cech Lab Ski Trip


Cech Lab Hikes

July 2019 - Flower Valley

2019 Group

Flowers 2019

August 2018 - Crater Lake Hike 

Cech Lab Crater Lake 2018

July 2017 - Blue Lake, 11,350 ft

Cech Lab Blue Lake

Cech Lab members at Blue Lake

July 2016 - Heart Lake

Lab Members at Heart Lake Trailhead

July 2015 - Lake Dorothy

The lab group in front of mountains

July 2014 - Jasper Lake

Tom Cech by the lake

Lab group on a bridge over a river

Lab group in front of the mountains

July 2013 - Chasm Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Lab group in front of rocky outcropping

August 2013

Cech Lab in the JSCBB

Cech lab Members in the JSCBB

July 2012 - Brainard Lake

Lab members in front of Brainard lake

July 2009 - Fern and Odessa Lakes, Rocky Mountain National Park

Lab Group on slope

From left: Art Zaug, Andrea Berman, Tom Cech, Cornelius Taabazuing, J. K. Nandakumar, Caitlin Bell, Dan Howard, Chrysa Latrick, Derek Taylor

Lab member with Tom Cech in front of a lake

From left:Undergraduate researchers Dan Howard (Northwestern U.), Cornelius Taabazuing (U. Mass. Amherst) and Caitlin Bell (CU-Boulder) with Tom Cech.

July 2010


Participant with Tom Cech in front of a mountain

Other Photos

Marmot on gravel