It is now widely recognized that whoever controls materials controls technology. 

Our research has focused on the discovery, synthesis, and study of novel quantum materials. It encompasses a methodical search for new quantum materials and a systematic effort to elucidate and control novel quantum states in these materials.  We are particularly interested in strongly correlated materials with strong spin-orbit interactions, such as 4d- and 5d-transition metal oxides. Our studies of these oxides over the last three decades have helped initiate and shape novel lines of research on 4d-electron-based ruthenates and 5d-electron-based iridates. These materials now underpin one of the most important and exciting research areas in contemporary condensed matter physics.  Our laboratory is equipped with advanced techniques for materials synthesis and a large suite of experiemental tools for studies of structural and physical properties, often at extreme conditions, i.e., ultralow temperatures, high magnetic fields and high pressures. We have also established broad collaborations with leading scientists in the US and around the world. 

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