Presently, the following research personnel is required to complete training in RCR:


This course: The NIH requires RCR training every 4 years. The point of this refresher class is to rapidly fulfill NIH requirements if you have already completed a full RCR course at any point. We will cover all topics required for NIH RCR training. Furthermore, this course will reach beyond typical RCR classes, examining what is taught about RCR and improving RCR education.

When: We will meet on Jan 12th,2023, from 9 am to 5 pm, and on Jan 13th from 1 pm to 5 pm. Additionally, Homework (1-2 hours of reading) can be found in the syllabus and needs to be done before class on Jan 12th.

Where: University of Colorado Boulder
BioFrontiers building (3415 Colorado Avenue, Boulder, CO 80303)
Due to Covid-19, this class may be online in 2022

Cost: Free

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More information: email

Topics we will cover:

  1. conflict of interest – personal, professional, and financial
  2. policies regarding human subjects, live vertebrate animal subjects in research, and safe laboratory practices
  3. mentor/mentee responsibilities and relationships
  4. collaborative research, including collaborations with industry
  5. peer review
  6. data acquisition and laboratory tools; management, sharing, and ownership
  7. research misconduct and policies for handling misconduct
  8. responsible authorship and publication
  9. the scientist as a responsible member of society, contemporary ethical issues in biomedical research, and the environmental and societal impacts of scientific research
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