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Bacteria Synthesize 2',3'-cGAMP

Bacterial cGAS-like enzymes produce 2′,3′-cGAMP to activate an ion channel that restricts phage replication

July 26, 2023

Tak U, Walth P, ➤Whiteley AT | BioRxiv 2023

Kibby et al 2023 Cell Artwork

Bacterial NLR-related proteins protect against phage

May 8, 2023

Kibby EM, Conte AN, Burroughs AN, Nagy TA, Vargas JA, Whalen LA, Aravind L, ➤Whiteley AT | Cell 2023

Ledivina and Ye et al Nature 2023

An E1–E2 fusion protein primes antiviral immune signalling in bacteria

Feb. 8, 2023

Ledvina HE*, Ye Q*, Gu Y, Sullivan AE, Quan Y, Lau RK, Zhou H, Corbett KD†, ➤Whiteley AT† (*equal contribution, †co-cor. author) | Nature 2023

Graphical Abstract

Molecular basis of CD-NTase nucleotide selection in CBASS anti-phage defense

June 1, 2021

Govande AA, Duncan-Lowey B, Eaglesham JB, ➤Whiteley AT, Kranzusch PJ. | Cell Rep. 2021

JB Commentary

The linguistics of bacterial conflict systems reveal ancient origins of eukaryotic innate immunity

Nov. 19, 2020

Kibby EM, ➤Whiteley AT. | J. Bacteriology 2020

Model Figure

Extracellular cyclic dinucleotides induce polarized responses in barrier epithelial cells by adenosine signaling

Nov. 3, 2020

Chang D, ➤Whiteley AT, Bugda Gwilt K, Lencer WI, Mekalanos JJ*, Thiagarajah JR* | PNAS 2020

Model Figure

(p)ppGpp and c-di-AMP Homeostasis Is Controlled by CbpB in Listeria monocytogenes.

Aug. 25, 2020

Peterson BN, Young MKM, Luo S, Wang J, ➤Whiteley AT, Woodward JJ, Tong L, Wang JD, Portnoy DA. | mBio. 2020

Graphical Abstract

CBASS Immunity Uses CARF-Related Effectors to Sense 3'-5'- and 2'-5'-Linked Cyclic Oligonucleotide Signals and Protect Bacteria from Phage Infection

July 9, 2020

Lowey B, ➤Whiteley AT, Keszei AFA, Morehouse BR, Mathews IT, Antine SP, Cabrera VJ, Kashin D, Niemann P, Jain M, Schwede F, Mekalanos JJ, Shao S, Lee ASY, Kranzusch PJ. | Cell. 2020

Graphical Abstract

Structure and Mechanism of a Cyclic Trinucleotide-Activated Bacterial Endonuclease Mediating Bacteriophage Immunity

Jan. 6, 2020

Lau RK, Ye Q, Birkholz EA, Berg KR, Patel L, Mathews IT, Watrous JD, Ego K, ➤Whiteley AT, Lowey B, Mekalanos JJ, Kranzusch PJ, Jain M, Pogliano J, Corbett KD. | Mol Cell. 2020

Fig 1 of Methods Paper

Analysis of human cGAS activity and structure

May 2, 2019

Zhou W, ➤Whiteley AT, Kranzusch PJ. | Methods Enzymol. 2019