Graphical Abstract

Molecular basis of CD-NTase nucleotide selection in CBASS anti-phage defense

June 1, 2021

Govande AA, Duncan-Lowey B, Eaglesham JB, ➤Whiteley AT, Kranzusch PJ. | Cell Rep. 2021

Graphical Abstract

CBASS Immunity Uses CARF-Related Effectors to Sense 3'-5'- and 2'-5'-Linked Cyclic Oligonucleotide Signals and Protect Bacteria from Phage Infection

July 9, 2020

Lowey B, ➤Whiteley AT, Keszei AFA, Morehouse BR, Mathews IT, Antine SP, Cabrera VJ, Kashin D, Niemann P, Jain M, Schwede F, Mekalanos JJ, Shao S, Lee ASY, Kranzusch PJ. | Cell. 2020