Matthew Bentley is an environmental engineer and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) technical specialist focused on mitigating human health impacts from chemical and microbial contamination of drinking water through appropriate technology and sound policy. Matt’s work focuses on the intersection of the environment and public health, where anthropogenic impacts are disproportionately affecting health and human flourishing in underserved communities globally. In order to address the health impacts of global chemical pollution, Matt has developed and implemented novel WASH technologies in resource-limited communities in rural Southeast Asia. In addition, Matt has validated low-cost techniques for removal of chemical toxins in drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater in the United States through his doctoral research at the University of Colorado Boulder. Matt is currently leading research teams on domestic water reuse and the development of new WASH risk assessment tools for non-microbial contaminants. Matt has been an advocate in the WASH and international development community for changes in policy and practice to promote a more holistic exposure-based approach to WASH interventions. Matt received his PhD in Environmental Engineering for Developing Communities from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2020. Outside of work, Matt has been involved in K-12 STEM education, environmental stewardship, and refugee resettlement activities.