Board Member Job Descriptions

Executive Committee


Responsible for serving as liaison with host committee chairperson, venue planner, member/liaison and nominating committee. Liaison with lawyer, Treasurer, and Center staff. Offers Presidential Address in final year of service as President; serves on Board as Ex-President in term following. As past President: serves as nominations chair.

Vice President: 

Responsible for communication to Board members regarding Board-wide decisions. Liaison with Secretary, Co-Program planners, Web coordinator, and Center staff who work on web issues. Oversees final planning of program in final year of service as Vice President; becomes President following that meeting.


Selects, evaluates and liaises with accountant. Reviews financial reports and prepares them for presentation to the Board at each Conference-based meeting. Assists in registration process.


Oversees list of past attendees and works with Co-Membership Liaisons to compile lists of suggested constituents and organizations for promotional purposes. Assists Co-Membership Liaisons in promoting event in relevant newsletters. Takes notes at Conference-based meeting and ensures that they are posted on the Conference website. Beginning in Fall 2012: Gathers news of members and prepares electronic newsletter for website, circulating info of the newsletter’s availability in late October each year (note: this should include the CFP for the upcoming conference and in off years, news of the selected venue for the following year).

Board Members

Co-program planners: 

Work with Vice President and Host to write Call for Papers to be distributed one year prior to scheduled conference. Receive proposals and vet with appropriate Board members as appropriate. Work with Vice President and Host to nominate and invite keynote speakers and plan special activities. Work with venue planners in arranging program-related details.

Co-venue planners: 

Work with Host to secure conference details and ensure they are conveyed to Board members and constituents. Provide assistance on sight for details such as room assignments and A/V.

Co-Membership and Promotion Liaisons: 

Work with Secretary  to compile list of attendees. Provide leadership in promoting the conference in relevant newsletters and organizations (Sept/Oct prior to conference). Contact relevant leaders in the field re: upcoming event.

Co-Web Liaisons: 

Write materials for webpage and related distribution via social media. Works with Secretary, Co-Membership, Co-program.

Host committee chairperson: 

With input from the Board & especially the Executive Committee, oversees selection of venue, works with program planners, provides input on proposed schedule and keynote addresses as well as special events. Oversees registration (works with Treasurer). This is a voluntary position. The Board receives a report from the Host at the conclusion of the meeting organized. Upon completion of the conference the Host organizes, the Host is nominated to serve on the Board for the following term (position to be determined by Host and Board nominating committee).

Updated 7/12