A graphic showing the various roles in hypersonic vehicle creation including optimization,  propulsion, materials, structures, aerothermodynamics, guidance, navigation and control

The subsystems of structures, materials, aerothermodynamics, propulsion, and guidance, navigation and control along with optomization are key to the work in this IRT.

All interested faculty are welcome to join our team and we encourage you to contact Director Iain Boyd directly for initial information and orientation. A list of graduate students and post-doctoral researchers has been created on a protected Google Document for information sharing purposes as well.

Proposed use of resources

Our initial plan is to fund mini-teams (two graduate students and three faculty) representing two elements of hypersonics expertise and an element of optimization across the two subsystems. Matching funds from participating faculty would be used with seed grants and external funding to leverage resources. A sample form outlining this teaming process is online or can be sent via email by request.

Funding will also be used for faculty support to help engage with important visitors, travel for meetings, and conduct red team proposal reviews.

Metrics for measuring success in the theme will be:

  • Number of multi-faculty proposals submitted and funded
  • Number of publications such as conference papers and journal articles
  • Number of students engaged in hypersonic research and completion of the graduate certificate program

Ongoing seminar series

The IRT hosts an ongoing seminar series on related topics and research areas. Contact Boyd for Outlook inviation and scheduling information. Past PDF presentations are available here: