Published: Sept. 9, 2019
IRISS pilots with Chris Klick and the Super RAAVEN

Last week, IRISS received and successfully conducted the first flight tests of the new prototype Super RAAVEN airframe at the Table Mountain facility north of Boulder. The aircraft is a custom commissioned version of the Drak by RiteWing RC.

The Super RAAVENs will be added to our current fleet of RAAVENs, which were recently deployed successfully with Project TORUS. With its 165" wingspan, the aircraft features 80% more wing area and double the payload volume of the standard RAAVEN. With an anticipated AUW of 25-30 lbs, the aircraft will have 10-15 lbs payload capacity (including batteries), enabling flights of heavy payloads or long endurance with lighter payloads. IRISS was thrilled to be joined by RiteWing proprietor Chris Klick for these flights, and we look forward to working with RiteWing on an ongoing basis.

Pictured from left to right are Steve Borenstein (IRISS), Michael Rhodes (IRISS), Chris Klick, and Chris Choate (IRISS).