Installations and Performances

  • James Bridle, London
    • Drone Shadow series
    • Artist’s essay on the Drone Shadow series:
      • Extract: “We all live under the shadow of the drone, although most of us are lucky enough not to live under its direct fire. But the attitude they represent—of technology used for obscuration and violence; of the obfuscation of morality and culpability; of the illusion of omniscience and omnipotence; of the lesser value of other peoples lives; of, frankly, endless war—should concern us all.”
    • Drone Shadow 009, October 2015, installed at ZKM Karlsruhe for “Globale” exhibition
    • Drone Shadow 008, June 2015, installed at KW Berlin for exhibition “Fire and Forget”
    • Drone Shadow 007, June 2014, installed for “After a War” series of events at Batter Sea Arts Centre, London.
    • Drone Shadow 006, 2013, installed Brixton, London
    • Drone Shadow 005, 2013, commissioned by Brisbane Writers Festival; installation blocked by Arts Queensland, the arts board of the state government.
    • Drone Shadow 004, June 2013, part of “A Quiet Disposition” solo show at Corcoran, Washington DC
    • Drone Shadow 003, 2013, Commissioned by Lighthouse for the Brighton Festival, UK
    • Drone Shadow 002, Istanbul, October 2012, for Adhocracy and the Istanbul Design Biennial
    • Drone Shadow 001, London, February 2012, with Einar Sneve Martinussen of Voy Oslo
  • UAV Identification Kit 001, 2012, created while Artist in Residence at Visible Futures Lab at School of Visual Arts, NYC.
    • Essay on the work:
      • Excerpt: “Models are still employed for recognition training today, as well as for strategic planning, battlefield, airfield and carrier management, and design testing. Meanwhile, the actual aircraft become ever harder to perceive. Based at remote airfields in conflict zones, and largely operating in other zones inaccessible to ground troops or journalists, the only direct witnesses to their activities are those on the ground beneath them, disconnected from those who pilot them, those who issue their orders, and those in whose name they are directed.”
  • Under the Shadow of the Drone, an armed reaper drone under service with UK and US military; Brighton Festival 2013
  • Nadav Assor, “Orphan”, 2014, Installation with custom made hexacopter, control, power and sensing equipment, custom software, speaker, and lights
  • Ricardo Dominguez, “hacktivist and dronologist”, co-founder of Electronic Disturbance Theater, Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts, UCSD




Social Media-Based/Open-Access Projects