The "Robust Autonomous Airborne Vehicle - Endurant and Nimble" aircraft system has a custom avionics stack for full-featured RAAVEN PDB capable of multi-instrument meteorological sensor package and support computing measurements. It was developed in collaboration with Rite-Wing RC, designed for supercell thunderstorm intercept missions.



RiteWing RC Groups in collaboration with IRISS


~ 2 meter wingspan

Weight Range:

3.8 lbs (1.720 kg)

Speed Range:

18 m/s


2 hours

Battery Formation: 

2 of 4S 21000mAh LiION by RiteWing

Build Materials:

EPP Foam​

Integrated Sensors:

  • Black Swift Technologies (BST) 3D multi-hole probe
  • VectorNav 200/300
  • Temperature Calibrated IMU
  • Pixhawk GPS and Magnetometer 
  • Vaisala RSS-421 (RS-41)
  • Fine wire turbulence sensors
  • Up and down IR sensors
  • Logger/Telemetry Unit

Linked Projects: TORUS