IRISS at CU Boulder

The Integrated Remote and In Situ Sensing initiative transforms data-collection technologies and strategies by facilitating 4D sight through a ground-to-space sensing column with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operating in the atmosphere integrated with ground-based and space-based observation systems.

This multi-disciplinary team that leads the design, development, and deployment of novel remote and in-situ sensing systems to exploit mobility enabled by aerospace systems to enhance data collection from the ground, in the atmosphere, and from space. With its partners, IRISS explores commercial opportunities and fosters discussions on the ethical, legal, and social policy implications of new technologies and big-data collection.

We utilize the capabilities of our sensing system for a myriad of purposes ranging from improved climate and weather forecasting, to better-informed government policymaking, and addressing the multitude of emerging research and education challenges to prepare the workforce of the twenty-first century.