Richard Eli Campbell (1932-) spent more than half a century in post WWII and Cold War Germany, where he managed the American Business Center in Leipzig, served as political analyst and travel officer for the U.S. Embassy Berlin and abroad, and cataloged 500,000 Nazi-era documents as Berlin Document Center archivist. He was working for the U.S. government at Checkpoint Charlie in 1961 the night the border was closed. More recently, Campbell has served on the Denver Mizel Museum Advisory Board as the Museum's liaison to the Colorado Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). A classically trained musician and conductor, Richard earned his PhD at Berlin's Free University in Ethnomusicology (Non-Western Music). Campbell’s time in Berlin, along with his background in musicology, led to an accumulation of materials relating to Germany’s cultural heritage during the 20th century.

The Richard E. Campbell Collection contains booklets and ephemera from German cultural offices (including the Reichskulturkammer), a selection of music books and advertisements for music performance, photocopies of research materials, and books/catalogs on German architecture, art, literature, etc.

Purchased from Richard E. Campbell in 2014.