The Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, in conjunction with the University Libraries' Rare and Distinctive Collections, is building a collection of archival holdings focused on Judaism and the Jewish-American experience from roughly the late 1940s to the present. The material collected in the Innovations in Jewish Life Collections aims to shed light on the religious, cultural, and social movements of American Judaism as well as on the various philosophies of Judaism and Jewish organizations in the relevant period. Materials take the form of photographs, audio and video tapes, and written documents, which include correspondence, sermons, yearbooks and scrapbooks, memoirs, organizational records, and books in manuscript form, among other things. 

The Innovations in Jewish Life Collections exist to document the work of the individuals and groups, who transformed and in many cases are still transforming the American Jewish experience in the post-World War II period, and to make that experience accessible to students, researchers, and interested parties of all kinds.