Published: Feb. 15, 2017

Reichstagung in Nürnberg 1936: der Parteitag der Ehre, Hans Kerrl and Kurt Massmann (Berlin: C.A. Weller, 1937)

 der Parteitag der EhreThe Nazi Party held large-scale party congresses with propaganda rallies annually in Nuremberg from 1923 to 1938, generally referred to as the Nuremberg Rallies and immortalized by Leni Riefenstahl in her classic 1935 film, Triumph of the Will.” The party published books in commemoration of each congress and rally, comprised primarily of the texts of speeches given by party leaders. Julius Streicher (founder and publisher of the anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda newspaper Der Stürmer) and Hanns Kerrl (a prominent Nazi politician) published large format versions that also included high-quality photographs from the rallies. The production value of these volumes is very high, with dramatic full-page black-and-white images, many reflecting modernist aesthetics. Each year, the party congress had a theme. The 1936 theme, and thus the subtitle of this volume produced by Hans Kerrl, is “Rally of Honor” and centered on a celebration of the re-militarization of the Rhineland region (in an effort to minimize any German threat to France and the Benelux countries, the Rhineland had been demilitarized after World War I under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles).  This image of Hitler addressing the crowds is one of many stylized photos contained in the book. The Mazal Holocaust Collection includes most of the editions produced by Streicher and Kerrl from the 1930s. These now rare volumes may be of interest to scholars working on photography, propaganda, Modernist aesthetics, and Nazi-era politics.