Published: Feb. 15, 2017

The Myth of the Six Million, Anonymous (Los Angeles: Noontide Press, 1974 printing)

The Myth of the Six MillionThe Mazal Holocaust Collection includes a large number of books and pamphlets by authors denying the Holocaust. One of the first such books written in English was The Myth of the Six Million, first published anonymously in 1969 by Noontide Press (the Mazal copy is a 1974 edition), founded by the right-wing conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier Willis Carto. The book has been attributed to David Hoggan, a Harvard-trained historian and writer who died in 1988. The Mazal collection contains multiple other works published by Noontide Press, Carto, and Hoggan. Like many other Holocaust denial works, The Myth of the Six Million argues that the details of the Holocaust were invented to justify Allied involvement in World War II (here presented as a war of aggression against Germany) and post-war treatment of Germany. The eminent Holocaust historian Lucy Dawidowicz argued that in The Myth of the Six Million, Hoggan modified or fabricated quotes to support his claims. This volume may be of interest to scholars seeking early evidence of Holocaust denial and revisionist conspiracy theories of World War II.