Published: Feb. 15, 2017

Germany: Map of the Occupation Areas. Karte der Besatzungs-Zonen (Frankfurt am Main: Atlanta-Service, [1945])

 Map of Occupation AreasThis 1945 map shows the partition of Germany by the Allied powers immediately after World War II. The dual German/English-language map is based on the German borders of 1937 and identifies which Allied country occupied which areas in 1945. Not only is this a historically significant map, it is visually striking with a bold modernist aesthetic with its black background, sans-serif fonts, and brightly colored flags of the Allied countries over each area they now dominate. This map could be used as a great pedagogical tool for students learning about post-War German history, the aftermath of World War II, or as an example of mid-century graphic design elements used in map making. It provides an easy visual representation of the aftermath of the war.