Published: Feb. 15, 2017

Dissecting the Holocaust: the Growing Critique of "Truth" and "Memory," 
edited by Ernst Gauss (Capshaw, AL: Theses & Dissertations Press, 2000)

 the Growing Critique of "Truth" and "Memory"The Mazal Holocaust Collection includes a large number of books and pamphlets by authors denying the Holocaust. Many of these are self-published and poorly written or printed and might therefore arouse suspicion even among readers not familiar with Holocaust denial. Some Holocaust denial texts in the Mazal collection, however, appear as professional and sophisticated as any mainstream academic work. One such volume is Dissecting the Holocaust: the Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and ‘Memory’, written by the German chemist Germar Rudolf under the pseudonym of Ernst Gauss. In the 1990s, Rudolf was dismissed from the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, before completing his PhD and was later sentenced to prison in Germany for promoting Holocaust denial, which is a crime in Germany (prosecuted under a broader prohibition on inciting hatred). After fleeing to other countries, including the United States, Rudolf evaded prison until his deportation by American authorities to Germany in 2005. The publication of Dissecting the Holocaust, which is particularly focused on denying that gas chambers were used in Nazi concentration camps, resulted in further charges against Rudolf in Germany. In Germany, some of Rudolf’s Holocaust-denial writings have been banned and in some cases destroyed under government order. Dissecting the Holocaust includes material by other well-known Holocaust deniers, including the Italian author Carlo Mattogno, and the French literary scholar Robert Faurisson.