Current Strategic Plan

Continued Delivery of High-Quality Services

  • G1 Deliver high-quality IT services by continuously improving operations, supporting end users, assessing value of the services, and incorporating security best practices
  • G2 Adhere to IT policies, standards, and procedures to ensure high-quality service delivery and service management. This includes regularly assessing and revising existing processes to stay current with changing technologies and IT best practices

Maturation of IT Security

  • G1 Gain visibility of IT assets and risks across campus
  • G2 Prioritize cleaning up campus IT vulnerabilities
  • G3 Bolster awareness and training for all on responsibilities and best practices

Support Student Success

  • G1 Advance an effective, scalable, adaptable, and secure digital learning ecosystem, including supporting the BUS-LIT initiative, which underpins student success
  • G2 Maintain & improve Buff Portal: the one-start shop for student administrative services, designed with student input at every step to bring together the enormous and fragmented set of campus resources available to them, provide crucial personal data when and how they need it, and continuously act upon their feedback to improve their experience
  • G3 Maintain and improve the Buff Portal Advising platform and support the First-year student engagement experience
  • G4 With ODA, create and support the data infrastructure that enables analysis and decision-making that leads to maximizing student success and retention

Optimize Organizational Health of IT units (both central and distributed)

  • G1 Invest in measurable retention strategies for staff
  • G2 Foster empowerment and engagement for IT employees to do their best work (Empowerment is defined as having the authority, responsibility, tools, knowledge, and accountability to achieve the job.)
  • G3 Achieve a level of work visibility across the organization that allow IT employees to continually ensure resources are allocated to the highest priority work while appropriately balancing workloads
  • G4 Address technical debt and outdated processes that are inefficient and/or pose a risk to the university

Support the Research Mission of an AAU R1 University

  • G1 Build best-in-class high performance research compute, storage, and cloud environment, along with a well-configured research network, to support fair and equitable access for a diverse set of stakeholders
  • G2 Create a vibrant regional research community through accessible user support and education to research computing resources
  • G3 Develop secure access to data while maintaining required measures of compliance for our sponsors

Provide Consistent IT Management & Governance

  • G1 Leverage existing governance structures (University Executive Leadership Team, Deans Council, Research Institutes Directors Meetings) to align IT priorities with campus priorities
  • G2 Unify central IT and distributed IT with clarity regarding foundational, consortium, and specialized IT services across an IT continuum
  • G3 Establish IT standards, policies and practices that align with campus goals

Enable a Hybrid-Smart Campus through Effective Technology

  • G1 Modernize and adapt our digital productivity ecosystem to be holistic, scalable, and secure  
  • G2 Create new IT support structures to accelerate a hybrid-smart campus
  • G3 Develop new education and training opportunities for employees in support of a hybrid-smart campus

Foster the Use of Data through Automation and Scalability

  • G1 Connect CU data sources to internal applications and external vendor solutions
  • G2 Easily schedule, automate, and monitor data pipelines to collect and deliver data
  • G3 Read, write, and save data of any size with secure and scalable object storage

Archived Plans