About CU Boulder's IT Community of Practice (ITCP)

The CU Boulder IT Community of Practice (ITCP) is a group for CU Boulder IT practitioners. The ITCP provides opportunities to: 

  • Connect, network and dialogue with other IT practitioners. 
  • Ask questions, raise concerns, and gather feedback. 
  • Collaborate on and brainstorm solutions. 
  • Share knowledge, best practices, and process improvement techniques. 
  • Learn and provide feedback about upcoming IT initiatives and changes. 

Community Collaboration and Connection

The hub of this community is Microsoft Teams, specifically the IT Community of Practice Team.

  • Using the chat feature of Teams for discussion, Q&A, and sharing tips
  • Moderators moderate and also share content from time-to-time

  • Teams meeting audio and optional video
  • Any community member can start one
  • Impromptu or scheduled
  • Informal discussions, similar to a Birds of a Feather (Bof) roundtable discussion

  • Teams meeting audio and optional video
  • Anyone in the community can schedule a presentation and share the meeting details with the community
  • Informal
  • Get feedback, spread awareness, or provide tips and tricks

  • Teams meeting audio and optional video OR a Zoom webinar format, depending on needs
  • Organized, scheduled, and promoted by the ITCP core team
  • Formal
  • Get feedback, spread awareness, or provide tips and tricks

  • In-person or online
  • Occasional
  • Creative: celebrations, learning opportunities, coffee talks

Guiding Principles 

  • Participation is optional and open to any CU Boulder IT practitioner. An IT Practitioner is an employee who has more than 50% of their job responsibilities in IT.
  • The community will be inclusive and community resources will be accessible to people with different working styles.
  • While OIT staff may individually participate in ITCP, and OIT employees perform some of the administrative or technical facilitation, the group is not led by OIT and is not intended merely as a platform for communications between IT practitioners and OIT. ​

Contact ITCP Facilitators

If you have questions or feedback about ITCP, please contact itcp@colorado.edu.