The Campus IT Architecture Review Board (ARB) ensures that technical decisions made by campus IT service providers and project teams appropriately consider important contextual factors. The objective is to balance the need for innovation and flexibility, while ensuring a robust and supportable campus IT environment that maximizes efficiency and interoperability. Some of the important factors which should always be considered when making technical design decisions are:

  • Technology standards, common methods, and conventions established and in-use across the campus and university system
  • Industry best practices
  • Known and expected future directions in relevant technologies
  • Direct experience with specific technologies and products

What we do

The ARB has two main functions:

  1. The ARB acts as an “Enabling Team,” temporarily assigning people with specific domain and/or campus IT architecture knowledge to a project or other team to facilitate and assist with technical design and implementation decisions. The three benefits to this are:
    • Adds resources and key domain knowledge to the project
    • Ensures technical design decisions consider campus standards and the overall university IT environment
    • Builds knowledge within in the project or team valuable for future decision-making.
  2. The ARB is part of campus IT governance and is charged with developing technology standards that, when followed, optimize the overall campus and university system IT ecosystem by maximizing interoperability, creating a consistent end-user experience, reducing redundancies, and reducing single points of failure. The process for developing these standards is inclusive, engaging a large cross section of camps IT practitioners, and having the added benefit of creating shared knowledge and awareness of the campus- and system-wide implications of local IT decisions.

ARB members

  • Jason Armbruster 
  • Jason Black 
  • Harika Bondalapati
  • David Cavalieri
  • Jon Giltner
  • Dave Goldhammer
  • Jason Hill
  • Kunta Hutabarat
  • Brad Judy
  • Grant Matheny
  • Vida Sabeti
  • Todd Schaefer
  • Marwan Shaher
  • Jeremy Sparks
  • Michael Williamson
  • Alex Viggio
  • Adam Zhang

Get started 

If you have additional questions about the ARB review board, contact oithelp@colorado.edu. If you are ready for the ARB to review the technical architecture of your project, initiative or service, please send an email to arb@colorado.edu