Jens Schmidt

Researcher receives prize for work on telomerase, a key driver of cancer

Jan. 12, 2017

Jens Schmidt, of the BioFrontiers Institute, is the first Coloradan to receive the Damon Runyon-Dale Frey Breakthrough Award for cancer research. If an anti-aging regimen that involves telomeres—part of the human chromosome—sounds too good to be true, it probably is, says Jens Schmidt, a postdoctoral fellow in the Cech Lab...

black hole

CU Boulder to lead operations for NASA black holes mission

Jan. 11, 2017

University of Colorado Boulder students and professionals will operate an upcoming NASA mission that will investigate the mysterious aspects of some of the most extreme and exotic astronomical objects like stellar and supermassive black holes, neutron stars and pulsars. Objects such as black holes can heat surrounding gases to more...


CU Boulder opens door to companies through concierge service

Jan. 11, 2017

Over 800 companies have connected to CU Boulder through its Office of Industry Collaboration (OIC). Businesses often utilize CU Boulder resources and expertise to meet their research, workforce, or other business objectives. At times, navigating the vast university ecosystem to find the right resource proves challenging. “The Office of Industry...


CIRES: Anne Perring Receives Presidential Honor

Jan. 10, 2017

President Obama has named CIRES Anne Perring, an atmospheric scientist who works at NOAA in Boulder, as one of 102 young scientists and engineers to receive the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. The award is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on early career...


Daily Camera: '4+1' program gives some CU Boulder students faster track to master's degree

Jan. 8, 2017

Starting this semester, future teachers and school administrators can get a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years through a new program at the University of Colorado's Boulder campus. The "4+1" program will allow students to earn a bachelor's degree in ethnic studies and a master's degree in...

Man fixing Leg

CU invention serves as muscular 'gas gauge' for Buffs in training

Dec. 28, 2016

Whether it’s a wide-receiver hauling in a pass, a runner sprinting the 1,500-meter, or a power forward taking the ball to the hole, athletes share one fundamental need as they strive for peak performance: They must have enough carbohydrates, a.k.a. sugar or “glycogen,” stored in their muscles to power them...


Top 16 in 2016

Dec. 15, 2016

In 2016, we again celebrated a campus community that brings innovation and positive impacts to Colorado and the nation. We marked new discoveries, faculty achievements, Olympic medalists and a resurgent football program while welcoming high-profile visitors to campus and sending satellites throughout our solar system. Enjoy this recap of an...


9 News: CU space mission to study upper atmosphere

Dec. 14, 2016

The GOLD Mission Principal Investigator. (Photo: Courtesy: CU/LASP) KUSA - Inside CU's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, there's GOLD. The GOLD instrument to be precise. "I've dreamed about it for decades and I know a lot of other people have," said Richard Eastes, the GOLD Mission Principal Investigator. GOLD...


Daily Mail: Revealed: 'Natural thermostat' that cools the air in Earth's atmosphere during violent solar storms

Dec. 14, 2016

Researchers have pinpointed the 'natural thermostat' that cools the air in Earth's upper atmosphere after violent solar storms. This activity includes solar flares and coronal mass ejections or CMEs (illustrated) - which release electrically charged plasma from the sun Researchers have pinpointed the 'natural thermostat' that cools the air in...

CUBT Students

Stolen backpack spawns creation of student venture Mµ tag

Dec. 12, 2016

Catalyze CU grads invent tiny tracker for your valuables For anyone who has lost a backpack or purse, Lang Mei feels your pain. After a thief stole his backpack from a coffee shop in Paris last year, the business administration senior began thinking about how to prevent that from happening...