The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the nation’s leading research universities, with world-class facilities, personnel, and capabilities.

CU Boulder’s Industry & Foundation Relations (IFR) team is dedicated to building collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners and foundations. In January 2020, the Corporate and Foundation Relations team, the Office of Industry Collaboration, and the industry and foundation-focused teams within the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the Leeds School of Business combined to form the Industry & Foundation Relations (IFR) team, which reports jointly to Advancement and the Research & Innovation Office. The new alignment builds on the core strengths of the staff already dedicated to building collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with corporations and foundations. It also addresses challenges associated with having multiple CU Boulder groups working with the same external partners by improving strategic alignment and clarity of roles and responsibilities to provide a more seamless experience for industry and foundation partners.

The Industry & Foundation Relations (IFR) team connects local, national, and international companies to the people, services, projects, and resources they need to support business growth and development.

The streamlined IFR team is part of the university’s effort to deliver “a partner-centric strategy and an on-campus support team that aligns financial investment in the research, discovery, and creativity of Boulder’s faculty and students with satisfied corporate and foundation partners.

Meet the IFR Team