Published: July 17, 2017

Engineering labEach year, CU Boulder’s programs in computer science and mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering partner with industry sponsors who collaborate on project scope and mentorship for year-long capstone student projects.

These departments, which require all undergraduate students to complete a capstone project during their final year, are actively seeking sponsors for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Sponsor organizations range from local startups to global corporations. Mentors can be anyone from engineers to CEOs to staff who travel across the world to participate in the process.

Along with the satisfaction of helping shape tomorrow’s leaders, sponsors gain access to a pipeline of highly qualified recruits with demonstrated talent and interest in the sponsor’s sector. Additionally, sponsors benefit from high-quality and affordable engineering services to move their work forward. Often, sponsors are also considered for advisory board memberships.

Students completing sponsored projects receive performance evaluations and meet frequently with their industry sponsors to refine the work. Students gain valuable technical experience and market insights through working closely with experienced professionals in their fields of study.

Each year, sponsors work with department contacts to learn more about current topics of interest and proposed projects. Projects are scoped during the spring and summer and completed proposals are due in mid-August, which kicks off a year-long process of collaboration, refinement and presentation of final projects through a series of expos held on-campus in the spring.  

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