Published: May 11, 2017

Thermal vacuum chamber

The RALPHEE thermal vacuum chamber, which Harris and CU Boulder plan to utilize in an upcoming collaborative project.

The University of Colorado Boulder and Harris Corporation have announced a new master research agreement. The agreement solidifies the relationship between Harris and CU Boulder to further mutual interests in analytical instrumentation, space antennas, space payloads and electronics, radar, universe exploration and other capabilities.

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership with Harris makes possible,” said Terri Fiez, CU Boulder vice chancellor for Research & Innovation. “Working with industry partners like Harris accelerates the advancement of science, knowledge and new discoveries that have global impact, while also benefitting the university and our partners, including Harris.”

Harris Corporation, a technology company that supports government and commercial customers in more than 100 countries, has approximately $6 billion in annual revenue. The company is organized into three business segments: Communication Systems, Space and Intelligence Systems and Electronic Systems.

“By signing this agreement with CU Boulder, we have the opportunity to interact with their national thought leaders, attract future industry leaders to Harris, and leverage each other’s strengths as we partner together on common research projects,” said Tom Campbell, Harris Space and Intelligence Systems Director of Innovation.

The three-year master research agreement establishes terms and conditions specific to projects between Harris and CU Boulder, increasing efficiency in initiating and expanding upon projects and collaborative opportunities together.

In the near term, Harris has expressed interest in potential sponsorship of CU Boulder student projects in the areas of Thermal Blanket Testing and Electronic Propulsion. Cube Sat, Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) and RF (tunable filters) are other potential areas for collaborative research between Harris and CU Boulder in the coming years.