We understand that this semester is bringing many new challenges to the entire CU Community, including students, faculty, and staff.  

Below, please find some resources we have available to help faculty as they teach in this new learning environment.

If you have any other ideas for how we might support your course, please reach out to Becky Komarek, and we will see how we can help!

Places to teach a "large" class

We have two (now considered large) classroom spaces that we are happy to reserve for you for single session classes.  The Commons, which currently holds 30+1, and the Project-based Learning Studio, which currently holds 26+1.

If you'd like to reserve either of these spaces, please contact Victoria Lanaghan.

Places to record a remote lecture or have a 1:1 meeting

Faculty can reserve large conference rooms in order to record a lecture or to have 1:1 one meetings with students (that are no longer possible in offices with social distancing guidelines).

If you would like to reserve a conference room, please contact Victoria Lanaghan.

Fabrication support for my class

This year, the Idea Forge will be using an online work order system to facilitate student fabrication requests.  Fall fabrication availability includes 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, machining, and sewing.

If you anticipate that your class needs this fabrication support, please contact Becky Komarek to discuss logistics.

Remote Hands-on Activity Support

To support remote prototyping activities, we have pretotyping kits available for your students, including items such as cardboard, string, rubber bands, and other low-resolution prototyping materials.

To request these kits, or discuss creating a new kit, please contact Becky Komarek.

Equipment Checkout

We have a variety of equipment available for checkout for you and your students.  This includes remote teaching devices like webcams, document cameras, etc. and also tools such as drills, sewing machines, and oscilloscopes.

If you have an inquiry about checkout equipment, please contact Victoria Lanaghan.

3D Printed Turtle

If you're having a tough day, and just need a 3D printed turtle to make you smile, please let us know - we're happy to provide one free of charge.

To request a turtle, please contact Victoria Lanaghan.