Examines the aesthetics, design, and engineering of sculpture, installation, and public art.   Through research presentations, readings, and field trips, students learn about the complexities of making art. In addition to classroom learning, students engage in internships with artists and art fabricators and create their own artwork.  National and international art-related internships and job opportunities are presented.


  1. To learn about the history and practice of making contemporary sculpture, installation, and public art.
  2. To come up with solutions from the aesthetics to the designing/engineering to bring an art piece to fruition.
  3. To make your own artwork.
  4. To find the intersections between the fine art, design, engineering, and business worlds, looking closely at concepts, materials, methodologies, languages, cultures, goals, outcomes, hopes, desires, and societal contributions.
  5. To learn how to better collaborate with peers, art professionals, designers, fabricators, and engineers.
  6. To become comfortable with the continuum of “not knowing” to “knowing.”
  7. To become more aware of the vast number of opportunities in the hybrid world of art, design, engineering, and business.