The School will be held at the University of Stellenbosch in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The school itself will take place within easy walking distance of most accommodation. It will be held in the Merensky Building for Physics (“Merensky-gebou vir Fisika”, building 66 on the included map). The lecture hall (Lecture Hall Delta) is reached by entering the building at the main entrance and turning left, then walking down to the end of the passage.

Opposite the Physics Building is the University Centre (called “Neelsie”, building 5 on the map) which has a variety of shops and food outlets, mobile telephony outlets, a post office, banking facilities and a laundry service. The town centre (Plein, Kerk and Andringa Streets on the map) is comfortably reached on foot with varied and inexpensive options for food, etc.

Contact Information

All queries should please be directed to Mrs. Colleen April at Please mention “I-CAMP” in the subject of your e-mail

Other contact information

Physical address:
Department of Physics
Stellenbosch University
Merriman Avenue

Office hours tel.: +27-21-808-3391
Campus Security tel.: +27-21-808-2333



University dormitory accommodation is arranged in Dagbreek Koshuis, corner Victoria and Bosman Streets, Stellenbosch, 7600 (see, building 104 on included map). Check in is after 14:00 on 14 June 2014 with check-out by 10:00 on 29 June 2014. Should you visit South Africa for longer, please make your own arrangements for accommodation. We can advise on local hotels and bed-and-breakfast establishments.

University dormitories usually have two beds per room, but we shall try to accommodate one person per room as far as possible. We shall be finalizing the room assignments at the start of June, please let us know with whom you might wish to share a room if this were to become necessary. Couples can also contact us for joint accommodation. Bedding is provided, and breakfast is included in the room rate. Towels are not provided, so do bring your own. Please note that (as also mentioned below, see Weather) dormitories are not centrally heated and can feel very cold. Bring warm clothing.

If you have not received sponsorship from ICAM for accommodation, the cost for the period above is R3710.

Stellenbosch has various accommodation options should you need to stay longer (from a simple backpackers’ lodge to elegant bed & breakfast). Please see the Stellenbosch Tourism Bureau at (or alternative sites such as

Otherwise, Mrs Colleen April at can provide more answers. Please mention “I-CAMP” in the subject of your e-mail


We are aware that some of you have booked at local Bed & Breakfast establishments, most of which are adjacent to the main Campus of Stellenbosch University. We are including a map of central Stellenbosch, and lodgings such as Bonne Esperance, Caledon Villa, Fynbos, are located on or near Van Riebeeck Street (middle right of map). Students will be staying at University dormitory accommodation at the corner of Victoria and Bosman Streets, Stellenbosch, 7600 (see, building 104 on included map). Mrs April can advise on local hotels and bed-and-breakfast establishments if necessary.

Another accommodation option: We recently have been able to temporarily hold (until 19 May only) a two-bedroom University self-catering flat at attractive rates. In principle this would mean sharing with someone – but do let us know if you would be interested.

Possible alternative accommodations for speakers

We would recommend that the reservations are made sooner, rather than later, as some periods of the year Stellenbosch can be completely full and then usually the rates soar too. If you book one of the following two guest houses soon, you should still get accommodation at a great price, but if you do it later and it is full, the other places of similar quality are normally much more expensive (first choice, second and third choice in the below order):

Roosenwijn Guest House
+27-21-883-3338 Odette

When you make the booking, please just copy in Kristian Muller Nedebock (Kristian Müller-Nedebock, so that the guest houses can see that it is a Stellenbosch University address that is involved, then you should also ask for the “Stellenbosch University rate”. That should be a cheaper rate than the regular rack rate.

Bonne Esperance Guest house
Telephone+27 (0)21-887 0225
Maroli is the contact person, as above please ask for the special rate

10 Alexander
+27-21-887-4414, Wietske is the contact person
Wietske’s cell number 082-853-3746, on the website you can see the trip adviser ratings, and all guests have been happy there (it is just quite a bit further to walk than the other two places, but the rate might be better)

Stellenbosch has also a tourism office which could also provide helpful information:
Glenda is the contact person
Stellenbosch Tourism 360
Tel: +27 21 883-3584

For additional questions, please contact (mention “I-CAMP” in the subject of your e-mail)

René Kotzé

Communications Officer
National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP)
Postal address:
Private Bag X1
Physical address:
Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS), 
Wallenberg Research Centre
10 Marais Street
Tel: +27-(0)21-808-2653 (08h00 to 13h00)
Fax: +27-(0)21-808-3862
Twitter: #NITheP1
Facebook: The National Institute for Theoretical Physics

  • The registration fee is US$300 (Professional) or US$150 (Student)
  • For transportation between the airport in Cape Town and Stellenbosch (return) we estimate ZAR 500 (around Euro 40)
  • The dormitory accommodation includes breakfast
  • The School itself does not provide meals
  • Average meal prices: student centre R50, cafés and bistros R100, haute cuisine: no upper limit (there is quite a lot of all of these, and really nice “haute” around)

These estimates, of course, do not include your air ticket, nor any other tours or trips you might wish to undertake.


Major credit cards are accepted in most shops and restaurants. There is a very large number of ATMs throughout the town and in the student centre opposite the Physics Department. Foreign exchange is available in the main branches of banks within walking distance of the campus. (It is easy, though, to draw South African currency at ATMs with many bank cards, such as Maestro/Visa Electron.)

Rough conversion rates (daily rates on
10.50 Rands = $1 US
14.50 Rands = 1 Euro


June is the start of the winter season, which in the region is mainly rainy and cool, although winters also have many mild and sunny days. Temperatures are mild, ranging from about 5 degrees Celsius at night to the mid-teens during the day. Since most buildings, including the halls of residence, are not centrally heated, it is advisable to bring warmer clothes, especially for the nights and evenings. Local weather and links to local weather resources can be found at