Published: May 24, 2012

At our recent Spring 2012 Graduation Ceremony we honored over forty Humanities majors including seven students graduating with honors and five graduating with distinction. We were also delighted to host best-selling author, Diane Mott Davidson to give the keynote address, “Humanities 501: Thoughts for the Road Ahead.

Ms. Davidson told the graduates that their studies had equipped them with the tools to learn everything. While that means they can teach themselves all that might be demanded by the job market, she emphasized three valuable skills that would guide them going forward:

  • Effort: It may not be possible to make money following your passion but don’t give up. You can persevere in the pursuit of passion.
  • Worship: Ask yourself what or whom do I worship? Everybody worships something but be careful what you choose because an unwise choice will eat you alive rather than feeding your soul.
  • Enthusiasm: Finding or building a supportive community around your passion will encourage you to persevere.

Ms. Davidson urged our students to, … “go and excel. I believe in you, believe in yourself!”

You can watch Ms. Davidson’s full address here: