This is what some of our recent graduates have to say about the MA program:

"As a student from a German university, I was extremely fascinated by how closely the professors of the CU German Department work together with their students. While working towards my M.A. in German Studies here at CU, I have always felt the support of the faculty. All my new ideas were taken seriously and with good feedback, I have been able to use them in my thesis. In addition to this, the oppurtunity to teach classes made my time at CU an extremely well-balanced experience: I gained new social and practical teaching skills and at the same time I was able to learn about essential theories in German literature, art, and culture." Nicola Lang, MA 2013.

"The GSLL graduate program at CU Boulder is exceptional. I began my graduate career somewhat timidly but quickly discovered that the faculty and staff were truly dedicated to helping me succeed. Whether offering direction regarding my research interests, guidance regarding conference and funding opportunities or support regarding career possibilities after graduation, my mentors were consistently available and interested. The mentoring which began while I was a graduate student continues to this day.

The interdisciplinary courses offered by the GSLL faculty are challenging, relevant and are led by individuals who are committed to their students. The teaching opportunities offered to graduate students are also an important aspect of the graduate experience. Teaching gave me the opportunity to network with other graduate students and encourage interest among undergraduate students.

Since graduating, I have held positions at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and at a pilot project for contemporary art spaces in Munich, in addition to having been awarded a DAAD Research Scholarship. Without a doubt, the GSLL graduate program prepared me very well for my future." Emily Utzerath, MA 2010.

"I received my Masters from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2000. My Masters Thesis was titled "The Voice of The Voiceless in Gertrud Kolmar and Carmen Conde." I had a great experience during my time in Colorado. The program is not only challenging but fun. The program is very interdisciplinary, which allows students to take courses outside the department and incorporate these interests in their Masters Thesis." Sandra Dillon, currently working on her PhD at the University of Oregon.

"The teaching opportunities appealed to me the most, and the German program supported my interests in performance art/dance and allowed me to pursue a non-traditional course in Germanic Studies, which was personally and professionally rewarding." Tonja van Helden, MA 2003. German Instructor & Entrepreneur.

"I will always treasure the profoundly rich educational experience during my time as a student in the German MA program. I benefited from the high-quality instruction and exposure to German literature, philosophy and culture provided by the department's first-rate scholars and professors, and developed lasting friendships with professors and graduate student peers alike. Because it is a relatively small department at a large research-oriented university, the German Program provides the best of both worlds: relationships and personalized education one would expect from a small liberal arts college, with simultaneous access to the resources, stimulation and interdisciplinary opportunities of a large research university. Of course, considering the thoughts of Goethe, Nietzsche, and the music of Mozart and Beethoven while exploring the forests and mountains at our school's doorstep also added to the overall experience as well!" Aaron Perry, MA 2002 (BA/MA Program, along with interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Environmental Policy). Entrepreneur, co-founder and managing director of Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises, LLC


"During my two years in the MA program, I was able to choose at least one course outside of the department each semester, which allowed for me to meet other graduate students and realize what the University of Colorado has to offer through various programs. While I was an MA student, I had the opportunity to work as a TA, Lead Graduate Teacher and Provost Fellow, which I would recommend that anyone applying also try to do--it's a great way to gain exposure to teaching, and other areas of academia. The benefits of graduate studies really outweigh those of undergraduate studies, because you can really focus on what interests you, especially in this program. I really benefited from the mentoring of the professors in the program, which allowed me to write a thesis that touched upon my core interests." Kelly Berglund, MA 2004, Localization Project Manager, ENLASO Corporation (also known as Enterprise Language Solutions, or

"I really enjoyed my graduate experience at CU-Boulder. I think the faculty members in the department are top-notch in their respective fields, and they were eager to help me broaden my understanding of German Lit. I also enjoyed the opportunity to enhance my German degree with course work from outside the department. I think this helped round-out my graduate studies. Believe it or not, I even found a job pertaining to my Master’s degree in German. I am working as the undergraduate academic advisor for two departments at the University of Colorado: Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, and Spanish and Portuguese." Steven M. Rose, Academic Advisor, Spanish and Portuguese, Germanic and Slavic Lang. & Lit., University of Colorado - Boulder

"The MA program at CU far exceeded my expectations for graduate school. Instead of finding an academic elite that was inaccessible to its lowly graduate students, I found a host of very approachable, professional, and helpful professors who were dedicated to giving each of their students a first rate academic and life experience. I found two things particularly helpful: the training and leadership of the TA Coordinator, Patricia Schindler, and the advice and guidance of my graduate advisor, Dr. Adrian Del Caro. I do not have an undergraduate degree in education and I was worried about teaching, but Patty was great at teaching me different methods that I could employ in the classroom. Additionally, I was not sure what course I wanted to follow in my choice of an interdisciplinary field and MA thesis topic, and Dr. Del Caro's knowledge and advice were invaluable in selecting courses, my thesis topic, and my thesis committee members. I had a wonderful time during graduate school, and I would certainly encourage anyone who is considering pursuing an MA in Germanic Studies to apply to CU!" Meghan Tisserand, MA 2004, Teacher at Tacoma German Language School

"My postgraduate studies in German language and literature provided me with a solid foundation for my current job as English language editor at an agency for internal communications in Germany. I often conduct interviews and other research in German and write articles in English for an international readership. The highly competent instruction and constructive criticism I received from the German faculty in Boulder helped me develop skills in writing and conducting research that I use on a daily basis. My chief editor today is at least as scrutinizing as my professors were then, so that was excellent preparation." Bruce Underhill, M.A. 2001, works for an agency for corporate communications.